Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

23.4.2024 | Warehousing

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Logistics giant appointed as strategic logistics partner, offering high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. 


Uniserve proudly announces the successful collaboration with Vivid Goliath, a prominent and Top 10 supplier within the toys and games trade. Vivid Goliath delivers exceptional results amidst the fast-paced and seasonal demands of their market.

Vivid Goliath faced the challenge of managing a substantial volume of approximately 50,000 order lines annually across diverse customer channels. These channels included major national retailers and e-commerce platforms, including Argos and Amazon. To meet these demands and streamline its supply chain, Vivid Goliath required a comprehensive logistics management solution that ensured precise stock management, reduced costs, and increased operational and distribution efficiency.

Uniserve was appointed Vivid Goliath’s new strategic logistics partner. It offers high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. Leveraging the capabilities of our 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC, Uniserve provided rapid and responsive support along with tailored storage solutions to meet Vivid Goliath’s unique needs.

To ensure seamless order consolidation, Uniserve established a dedicated central team responsible for managing delivery bookings directly with Vivid Goliath’s customers.

From the offset, Uniserve has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in conjunction with Vivid Goliath. It has delivered several initiatives that significantly benefited Vivid Goliath’s operations and costs, including reduced stock holding initiatives, slicker transport planning for different routes to market, and the onboarding of dedicated staff to facilitate all of Vivid Goliath’s value-added service requirements.

Nick Thomas, General Manager at Vivid Goliath, commented:
“This is the smoothest Peak season that Vivid Goliath has experienced recently. Thanks to the collaborative approach between our Operations Team and our 3PL provider, Uniserve, we have successfully navigated our key sales period in the calendar. We look forward to further developing our relationship in the upcoming year and seeing what future initiatives will hold.”

VIP guests show round of new logistics unit for The Range at Gateway 14, Stowmarket

VIP guests show round of new logistics unit for The Range at Gateway 14, Stowmarket

28.11.2023 | Warehousing


1.17 million square foot warehouse is launched as local dignitaries gather at Gateway 14, the new state-of-the-art business, innovation, and logistics park near junction 50 of the A14.

The building, a new distribution centre for garden and leisure retailer The Range, has been completed by Gateway 14 Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary of Mid Suffolk District Council, with development partner Jaynic, and undertaken by contractor Winvic Construction Ltd.

Gateway 14 Chair, Sir Christopher Haworth, said: “This is a great day for Stowmarket and the surrounding region. Not only does it bring over 1,600 jobs to this prime location, but it also delivers the first building on the new highly sustainable, mixed-use Gateway 14 development, set in an attractive parkland setting. We already have further strong interest in the park and expect to be able to identify new occupiers in the near future.”

Mid Suffolk District Council leader Cllr Andrew Mellen said: “Completion of this building is a significant milestone for Gateway 14 and Mid Suffolk.  By bringing its operations to Stowmarket, The Range is creating hundreds of new jobs for the region and providing a boost to the local economy.

“It is also the first business to come to Gateway 14 – with the site taking shape as a major landmark for business and innovation in the east. I am really pleased that the building has been constructed with high environmental standards, as we want this whole development to be an exemplar of good, sustainable practice.”

Alex Simpkin, CEO at The Range, said: “We are thrilled to receive the keys to this best-in-class distribution centre, which is a key milestone in The Range’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining logistics and supporting the expansion of our retail store network and website in the UK.

“It’s fantastic that the project is being delivered on time enabling us to press forward and create much-needed jobs for the local area at a time when they are needed the most.

“This site will support us in our goal of delivering an ever-expanding range of high quality, value-for-money products for the public through our growing store portfolio and multichannel offerings.”

Danny Nelson, Winvic’s Director of Industrial, Distribution and Logistics, commented: “Gateway 14 is a significant project, not only for its size but also its sustainability features. It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with Jaynic for the first time to construct the 1.17 million square foot industrial facility, which will soon be occupied by The Range, and we hope to build on our relationship in the future.”

Ben Oughton, Development Director of Jaynic, said: “We have worked closely with The Range to bring forward a highly sustainable building that will be the benchmark for future buildings moving forward.”

Gateway 14 benefits from being part of Freeport East, one of only eight Freeports in the UK.  The Freeport status provides businesses on Gateway 14 with a range of benefits, including a suite of tax reliefs and simplified customs arrangements, together with partnering to deliver innovation and skills support for the wider community.

Steve Beel, Chief Executive of Freeport East said: “This a landmark first development for Freeport East but the first of many.  Bringing a diverse range of new business operations into the Freeport East area will strengthen and diversify our local economy and provide a range of opportunities for local people.  With 100% of all the business rates collected at Gateway 14 being recycled into local growth priorities, it means that this major development will also drive benefits across local communities, such as supporting our new Innovation & Skills Fund and supporting local businesses to innovate and grow.”

Gateway 14 will provide high-specification buildings with sustainability as a central feature, including EV charging, LED lighting, solar PV, smart energy systems and rainwater harvesting. The development is committed to meeting a Very Good BREEAM rating and will strive for Excellent wherever possible as well as delivering low carbon and net zero solutions. The distribution facility for The Range achieves BREEAM Excellent.

Accessibility through and around the development is a key feature, with significant walking and cycling routes being integrated along with access to public transport links and local amenities.

Biodiversity on the site is also a priority, with high-quality landscaping, green corridors and nesting boxes all being introduced across the site to support not only the wildlife and ecology but also to create a vibrant, attractive, and healthy working environment for employees.

Image: L-R of people holding the key:

Chris Haworth, Gateway 14 Ltd, Cllr Andrew Mellen, Mid Suffolk DC and Tony George, The Range.

UK Warehousing Association announces ‘Year of Warehousing’ for 2024

UK Warehousing Association announces ‘Year of Warehousing’ for 2024

18.10.2023 | Warehousing

UK Warehousing Association announces ‘Year of Warehousing’ for 2024

The campaign coincides with the 80th anniversary of the Association’s inception in 1944 and will include an ambitious program of 80 site visits across the UK by UKWA CEO Clare Bottle. 

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has announced that 2024 will see the launch of a high-profile, year-long campaign to highlight the critical role of warehousing in supply chains, the sector’s major contribution to the UK economy, essential employment of 1m people, and the key role it is set to play in embracing solar power to achieve UK’s net zero goals.

‘2024: The Year of Warehousing’ will coincide with the 80th  anniversary of the Association’s inception in 1944, and will include an ambitious program of 80 site visits across the UK by UKWA CEO Clare Bottle, whose aim is to showcase the high-tech, fast-moving working environments inside UK’s warehouses and raise public awareness of the sector.

Commenting on the initiative, Clare says, “Warehousing remains one of the fastest growing, yet least understood sectors in the UK. This is partly because people rarely see what happens inside these vast buildings, where millions of products are processed every day. Accordingly, the essential work warehouses have always been ‘behind the scenes’ and, therefore, to a large extent, underappreciated. However, as our role becomes increasingly central to everyday lives, it’s time to turn the spotlight onto all the great work we do and for the warehousing sector to be more widely recognised by government, media and the general public for its achievements.”

Warehousing is changing rapidly as traditional High Street tasks are being forced back up the supply chain by e-commerce, whilst quasi-manufacturing activities like assembling gift packs or printing T-shirts are pushed downstream. Warehouses have also become hubs for returns management, recycling, upcycling and repairs, helping reduce waste as part of the circular economy.

As a result, warehouse buildings are becoming larger and higher to accommodate this additional activity. 1% of the 4000 largest warehouses in the UK are so-called ‘mega-sheds’ of over 1 million sq ft. and this trend is set to continue. Automation and robotics are being adopted increasingly, improving productivity and supporting workforce well-being, while sustainability is baked into new buildings to reduce emissions and control costs.

Warehouse rooftops offer huge potential for generating clean, affordable solar power, as UKWA’s landmark report confirmed. This will place intense focus firmly on the sector as the government looks towards industrial rooftop installations to contribute a third of its 2035 target to increase solar capacity by nearly fivefold. Many warehouse operators have already embarked on this journey.

Clare Bottle concludes, “Marking the 80th anniversary of the UK Warehousing Association, the 2024 ‘Year of Warehousing’ campaign will showcase the considerable social and economic benefits of warehousing, introduce exciting new initiatives, and step up support for UKWA members.

“As part of the celebrations, in addition to the 80 warehouse visits and a series of planned events for members, in 2024, we will be introducing the first independently accredited Warehouse Manager CPC qualification, commissioning a definitive property report into the current UK warehousing landscape, and unveiling a new solar rooftop installation toolkit.

“We will be celebrating in style, talking more than ever about warehousing, driving up industry standards, engaging with our growing community and, most importantly, securing the recognition for our sector that it truly deserves!”

Mike Thomas, Chairman of the UKWA Board and Client Services Director at Delamode International Logistics, adds, “The Board are delighted to support Clare and the UKWA team committing resources to celebrate this significant milestone anniversary while boosting the business profile of our great warehousing industry. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead!”

The UKWA’s ‘Year of Warehousing’ campaign was announced at UKWA’s Annual Parliamentary Luncheon at The House of Lords on Tuesday, 17th October.

Image: UKWA CEO Clare Bottle announces ‘2024 Year of Warehousing’ campaign with the support of industry leaders.

GMA Warehousing and Transport welcomes two new leaders and unveils a fresh look with launch of a new website

GMA Warehousing and Transport welcomes two new leaders and unveils a fresh look with launch of a new website

3.10.2023 | Warehousing

GMA Warehousing and Transport welcomes two new leaders

In addition to its leadership expansion, GMA Warehousing and Transport  announced the launch of a new website and updated branding. 

GMA Warehousing and Transport, a prominent player in the Warehouse and Logistics industry, is excited to introduce two dynamic professionals who have joined their leadership team, along with the unveiling of a brand-new website and refreshed branding.

Mark Oakley, with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in Logistics, has been appointed as the Deputy Managing Director. Mark brings a wealth of experience, having served in various capacities, from Business Development to Head of Operations for major industry corporations. His focus on excellent customer service, fostering a strong team culture, and executing a service-driven growth plan will undoubtedly drive GMA to new heights. Beyond the boardroom, Mark enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and indulging in a round of golf.

Liam Hall takes on the role of Commercial Director, armed with over 15 years of dedicated experience in Warehouse and Logistics. His deep insights into the industry from customer, supplier, and shipping agent perspectives make him a valuable asset to the team. Liam’s commitment to excellence in Logistics Management is underscored by his National and International CPC achievement in 2019 and his IOSH Managing Safely certification in 2022. Beyond his professional pursuits, Liam is known for his easy-going nature, outgoing personality, and active lifestyle that includes fitness classes, football, and exploring the great outdoors on his bike.

Together, Mark and Liam bring a winning combination of experience, expertise, and a shared passion for forging meaningful connections in the ever-evolving Warehouse and Logistics landscape. Their strategic vision and dedication to excellence align perfectly with GMA’s commitment to delivering exceptional results.

In addition to this exciting leadership expansion, GMA Warehousing and Transport is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website and updated branding. The new website showcases a fresh and modern design, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Keep an eye out for GMA’s distinctive new brand on their lorries as they continue to evolve and grow in the industry.

Image: L-R Mark Oakley and Liam Hall

Anchor Freight announces Customs approval as ETSF warehouse facility

Anchor Freight announces Customs approval as ETSF warehouse facility

6.9.2023 | Warehousing

Anchor Freight announces Customs approval as ETSF warehouse facility

The expansion demonstrates the businesses commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for logistics and warehousing needs.

Ipswich-based warehouse specialist Anchor Freight has received customs approval and is now an authorised ETSF Warehouse operator.

This expansion of services will benefit businesses and individuals involved in international trade who require temporary storage for their goods in the UK. Key aspects of the recent announcement include:

Increase of Services

ETSF – External Temporary Storage Facility (previously ERTS) is a temporary storage option for non-Union goods imported into the UK before they undergo customs procedures or re-export.

Efficient Customs Clearance

The new facility is designed to streamline customs clearance and storage processes for customers’ goods, with the aim of reducing delays and costs associated with international trade.


The new authorisation enables Anchor Freight to emphasise its in-house customs clearance and warehouse team’s knowledge and ethos. It also showcases the company’s reputation for being fast, flexible and friendly, all crucial details when ensuring the efficient handling of imports and exports.

Security Measures

The facility boasts advanced security measures, including site security, CCTV surveillance, barrier control, and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), providing much-needed peace of mind to customers storing their goods.


The company’s location just off the A14 and its proximity (11 miles) to the port of Felixstowe makes Anchor Freight a convenient choice for businesses looking for efficient and practical storage solutions for their domestic and global trade operations.

This expansion demonstrates Anchor Freight’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for logistics and warehousing needs, especially for businesses and individuals involved in international trade who require temporary storage for their goods.

If anyone is interested in any of Anchor Freight’s services or requires more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with John Denny at john.denny@anchor-freight.co.uk

Spring launch for PORT ONE Logistics Park at IDR & eDX and Multimodal 2023

Spring launch for PORT ONE Logistics Park at IDR & eDX and Multimodal 2023

17.5.2023 | Warehousing


Early adopters for the 9 warehouses already constructed benefit from as much as a 43% increase in capacity, compared with a new identical footprint spec-built warehouse in the locality.

The UK’s newest and largest built-to-suit logistics park is making its debut at the retail leader and e-commerce exhibition IRX & eDX in May and at Multimodal 2023, the UK’s premier freight transport, logistics and supply chain management event in June.

With an optimal location at Junction 52 on the A14, the carbon-neutral park, when fully delivered, will provide over 9.5 million square feet of storage and operating space.

Perfectly positioned to serve the east coast ports of Felixstowe, Tilbury, Harwich, Ipswich, and London Gateway, Port One Logistics Park is already becoming something of a ‘disrupter’ in the industry. The emphasis on efficiency and ROI not only starts with the design but carries through to handover and operation, ensuring clients get every benefit from a 21st-century supply chain solution.

The Port One team quickly identified a shift in industry demands, partially from the sustained growth in e-commerce and lessons learned during the pandemic – no longer can spec-built developments compete or come anywhere near.

Early adopters for the nine warehouses already constructed on site were delighted to benefit from as much as a 43% increase in capacity, compared with a new identical footprint spec-built warehouse in the locality.

1.2M square feet is already let or sold, with Port One offering a wide range of alternatives to both inward investors and household names in the UK supply chain industry seeking to grow and improve their profitability. Options include freeholdings, leases and turnkey fully-fitted facilities – all delivered against an exacting timetable.

With over 5 Megawatts of photovoltaic power generated on-site, sustainability is at the top of the agenda with carbon-neutral warehouses and 400+ high-speed charging points for vehicles and plant.

IRX & eDX 24-25 May 2023 |NEC Birmingham | Stand C4

Multimodal 13-15 June 2023 | NEC Birmingham | Stand 1030

For more information, please visit www.port-one.co.uk or contact Murray Gibson e: murray@murraygibson.com t: 07856 488379

PORT ONE Logistics Park